Annie Leibovitz with Lavazza

Posted on November 14th 2008

Even if it is for commercial purpose, photographers can still express their talent through ads campaigns (and they are getting paid for !). This is especially true for Annie Leibovitz working on the Lavazza calendar. Her work is really original in this case. No more blabla, just see it by yourself – Lavazza Calendar 2009.

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Creating your own Photoblog with PixelPost

Posted on November 9th 2008

Yes, creating your own photo blog is possible these days and it’s not that difficult. There are multiple platforms out there which allow you to easily manage your photo blog and insert pictures with a few clicks. Today I will cover the one called PixelPost.

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Protect 7-7

Posted on October 30th 2008

This is not a photo blog, so we haven’t add it to the normal showcase section. However, this is quite an experience. It is basically a web gallery of children pictures from across all continents. This is a masterpiece in all aspect. Experience it by yourself !

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We have a lift-off

Posted on October 19th 2008

With great pleasure, we are launching Best Photo Blog. Inspired from the web showcases sites, Best Photo Blog is bringing you the best of the photo blogs/portfolios found on the web.

We love Photo Blogs and we want to share the ones holding our attention. There is so much talent out there and this talent need to be seen.

We have put in place a voting system (thank to the WP-PostRatings WordPress plugin) where you can rate each Photo Blog you are exploring:

We will try to bring daily updates and add new Photo Blog every day. You will also find a resources section about tricks, tips, news on different photography subjects.

You can also contribute to the site by submitting a Photo Blog.

This site is still a work in progress so please be indulgent with any mistake or design issue. However, don’t hesitate to contact us if you find something not working properly or have suggestions.

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