This is simply a site about Photo Blogs.  Greatly inspire from the famous web showcases, this site will bring you daily updates on the best photo blog on the web. There is so much talent out there and we are trying to bringing you the best of all those talented photographers. This site is not intended to be a contest of some sort. It is only a showcase where the readers can vote.

All chosen Photo Blogs are coming from artists around the globe who are either amateurs or professionals photographers.

We have build this site because we are photography lovers and we especially enjoy photo blogs. Photo blogs make you jump into a new vision of the world seen by a photographer. These days, there is no need to walk into a “physical” gallery to enjoy the work of talented photographers. Every photographer can start his own web gallery and make himself known. This site is tribute to all these photographers and the main purpose of the site is to have a larger public discovering them.

Have fun !

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